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Anchors of Hope Description

Our long term transition program is called Anchors of Hope. Anchors of Hope is one team working with one girl, in as many communities as possible. We have been training teams in churches and communities across the country to bring a rescued victim into their community for restoration.

The team is made up of one vetted family who will provide a home, 4 team members/mentors who will provide mentorship and life skills, with the community members offering legal, medical, educational and job opportunities. Run 2 Rescue believes that we can make a significant change to the statistics of victims who return to the street because they have no instruction or support, and are fearful of the future.

God calls on us to reach the lost, give to those in need and to comfort each other in our afflictions, and Anchors of Hope is designed to do just that. The ultimate goal is to restore victims to a life of joy and freedom from bondage. We pray that as we reflect and explain Jesus to them, they will come to understand who they are in Christ, and enjoy the freedom only He can offer. If you are interested in starting a team please contact us. We will train you and your team to, not only help save the life of someone who has been trafficked, but to be an integral part in changing their life!

Currently, the success rate for rehabilitating a victim of sex-trafficking is low and our goal is to dramatically change that. Starting in California, our programs have revolutionized how trafficked victims are cared for after they have been rescued. Each rescued victim can go through our 30 day Immediate Hope program, our 9 month Gateway of Hope program and then our Anchors of Hope transition program where our girls will be placed with a pre-screened and well trained family. Four mentors and the family will partner with our team to provide support, therapy, and successful recovery from abuse. We hope to change their network of influence and provide a support system that is long lasting, one victim at a time.

If you would like to be a point person for a team and Run 2 Rescue, or you would like to be an Anchors of Hope family, mentor or part of the support team, please contact us and and we will start the application and training process. Of course if you're not able to participate as a mentor or host family, you can help us and these girls through prayer, sharing our pages on social media and give toward these programs, you can donate to Run 2 Rescue.

God places the lonely in families ~ Psalm 68:6

Set the Prisoners Free

God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy. -- Psalm 68:6